The Beauty and the Beast Book Tag

Monday, April 10, 2017

I was tag by the wonderful Soudha @ Of Stacks And Cups to do her The Beauty and the Beast Book Tag

And so...

Monsieur, Mademoiselle, it is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that I welcome you today and proudly present.... my Beauty and the Beast Book Tag 🌹🌹🌹

Be Our Guest - Pick 5 fictional characters you would invite to your dream dinner party

I would so invite for my dream party would be

2. William Herondale (The Infernal Devices Series )

3. Jebediah "Jeb" Holt (Splintered Series )

5. Kenji Kishimoto (Shatter Me Series )

Belle - Pick a character whose dreams of adventure also inspire you.

I have not read a lot of books with the main heroine that dreams of adventures that inspired me, but one heroine that comes close whose dreams of adventures that inspire me would be Solange Drake (Drake Chronicles Series ). In the last and final book on the Drake Chronicles. Solange wants too see the world after the hectic battles she went through in the Drake Chronicles Series. And I was really in Awe for her to take that next step in her young life.

The Beast/The Prince - Pick a character who went through an unexpected transformation.

I absolutely pick Aaron Warner Anderson (Shatter Me Series ) All I will say without spoiler anybody that Warner is more that's meets the eye. Remember the old saying goes don't judge a book by its cover. Yea that's the same way I feel about Warner. At first I didn't like him but then he completely transforms through the books. And I completely fell in love with him, but Kenji is still my bea but I also love Warner as well. You have too read The Shatter Me Series to find out what I am talking about.  

The Enchanted Rose - Name a book with a terrible curse at the heart of the story.

I just recently read this duology last month that has a terrible curse at the heart of the story, but I won't say what kind of curse it is because spoiler and that book was The Wrath & the Dawn (The Wrath and the Dawn #1) by Renee Ahdieh. This book was so beautiful with rich and sexy landscapes that I just can see it through my mind. If you couldn't tell this duology is one of my favorites.

Tale As Old As Time - Name a classic romance story that you love.

Ohh sorry I haven't read classic romance story yet, but the only classic books I read was The Giver Quartet Series  by Lois Lowry . Yes there are some romance in it, but the romance is not the main or focused points of the books. I don't know if I ever read classic romance books in the near future, but I really do want to try and check them out one day.

 The Dance - Name your favorite romantic scene from a book of your choice.

For this question I will pick my most recent book that I just finished a couple of days ago, because that scene is still fresh in my mind now. And that would be the scene in a bathtub room between Fallon a  gladiatrix and slave with Cai a young roman soldier The Valiant (The Valiant #1) by Lesley Livingston . There love is forbidden but they can't help but love each other. I won't say what happen in the bathtub room because spoiler, but it was really and very swoon worthy moment!

The Last Petal - Name a book character who managed to break a terrible curse.

I really don't want to say the name of the book character that breaks the curse in the duology of  The Wrath and the Dawn Series by Renee Ahdieh. Because that is spoiler and I don't know how too hide the spoiler. So I am sorry I can't say who broke the curse but the curse was broken in the last book. Sorry!

Beauty And The Beast - Name your favorite bookish OTP.

Yes there is a lot of my favorite bookish OTP. But I will say my most favorite OTP would be Scarlet Benoit and  Ze’ev "Wolf" Kesley The Lunar Chronicles Series  by Marissa Meyer. I just love them together there are my all time favorite OTP and Lunar Chronicles couple!

Well That's it for me I tag everybody and anybody who wants too do The Beauty and the Beast Book Tag. Until Next Time My friends!


  1. I didn’t know there was a curse in the Wrath and the Dawn. Now I really must check out the series because I’m intrigued! Also, Scarlet and Wolf are one of my favorite couples ever. Thanks for doing the tag. It was fun reading your answers ^^

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    1. You are very welcome and thank you for stopping by and tagging me Soudha! 😊