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Blog Tour, Review, Gust Post & Giveaway: Fierce & Fabulous (Sassy Boyz #1) by Elizabeth Varlet

fierce & fabulous

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Title: Fierce & Fabulous
Series: Sassy Boyz Book 1
Author: Elizabeth Varlet
Genre: MM, Contemporary Romance
Publication: June 27th 2016 by Carina Press
Format: e-arc
Source: I received this arc by the publishers through netgally in exchanged for an honest review.
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Fans of Heidi Cullinan will devour this scorching new male/male series by Elizabeth Varlet. Behind the Sassy Boyz's seductive smiles and sinful dance moves are desires that will leave readers breathless.
Fitch Donovan never thought a lap dance could change his life, but from the moment the gorgeous dancer's lips touch his, his world comes screeching to a halt. No matter how hard he tries, he can't shake the desire that rocks him to his core. He's longed for this passion all his life—he just never dreamed he'd find it with another man.
Sharing a soul-shaking kiss with a straight boy is the kind of drama Ansel Becke just doesn't need. Spotlights aren't made for two and Ansel prefers to keep things on a one-night-only basis. So when Fitch shows up asking for an encore, Ansel knows he should send his gorgeous ass packing.
Though Ansel tries to pretend that what's between him and Fitch is far from fabulous, there's something about the big, burly contractor that makes Ansel's world sparkle in a way no amount of glitter ever could. And Fitch will do whatever it takes to convince Ansel that when the thing you need most in the world falls right into your lap, you'd be a fool to let it go.

*** I received this book by publisher through Netgalley in exchanged for an honest. Thank you so much to Carina Press for the opportunity too read and review Fierce & Fabulous! ***

Ohh My Oh My how I miss reading MM books I absolutely love love love and enjoyed reading Fierce & Fabulous. Ansel Becke and Fitch Donovan are both amazing men's one with demons in his past and the other trying to figure out what to do next in his life now that he is newly single and lonely and possibly he will inherit his father business. Fitch and Ansel both complete each other in the best of ways, they both bring out there love and happiness towards each other. Even Ansel who admits that Fitch brings out the sparkle into his dark world which he thought no men can do for him. Ansel has always been a one night stand kind of guy that he absolutely didn't want too commit too no one, because of his mess up and terrible past he thinks he doesn't deserve too be happy because of the way he is. But one routine lap-dance and hot soul-shaking kiss changed everything for Ansel especially it changed Fitch life forever! I absolutely love reading the interaction that both Fitch and Ansel had towards with each other one moment they are talking just mundane things about life and than things starts getting very steamy and hot between Fitch and Ansel. Ohh my does it get very steamy between Fitch and Ansel that I won't lie that I did turn beet red reading about the hot and sexy times in this book. But I absolutely felt and bleed for Ansel because of how is childhood upbringing was and I tell you it was an absolutely horrible upbringing he had and he feels he is not worthy for anybody because of his terribly past and childhood upbringing. But Ansel close friends who I absolute love and adore his close friends especially Z and Tam they tried too tell him that he is worth it and that he does deserves HEA and they also try too get him help but he would hear non of it. Until he meets Fitch that changed his life and well Fitch life changed as well when he meets Ansel at the club. Fitch thought he was straight but one night on his sister birthday when he first lays eyes on Ansel and the Sassy Boyz do there routine dance scene that he felt a very heated and electric attraction towards Ansel and when he finds out that Ansel was a guy he was in shock and a little confuse and he was a little in denial about his heated attraction towards Ansel. But after a hot lap-dance and a scorching kiss Fitch couldn't deny anymore about his attraction towards Ansel that he couldn't stop thinking about him after he left the club. And Fitch would do everything in his power to show Ansel that he is totally worth the love and happiness especially an HEA with him and that Ansel would be a fool too let that go! I am most definitely am going to continue reading the next books of the Sassy Boyz series who I believe the next book is going to be Z book. Which I can't wait too read his book next because I am really curious about Z past.  



Who was your favorite character to write in Fierce and Fabulous and why was he/she your favorite to write?

Thank you so much for hosting me here at Kati’s Bookaholic Rambling Reviews. I’m thrilled to be here and talk about my favorite character from Fierce & Fabulous, Ansel Becke.

While I love all of the Sassy Boyz, and the men they will eventually fall in love with, Ansel Becke is the character who started it all. He’s the first one to pop into my head and he was loud. Obnoxiously loud. 

There is so much to admire about him. He’s strong and independent. He’s loyal to his friends. He’s courageous. He’s beautiful. He’s creative. 

He was just so much fun to write. I really enjoyed getting into his head and hearing his sarcastic tone and his witty comebacks. His dialogue always killed me. It’s got such attitude. It’s almost bitchy…heck, it is bitchy most of the time. But, for me, at least, it’s still funny. 

Who wouldn’t want to be that clever? That brave? To just be free to say whatever came into your head? 

I watched a ton of RuPaul’s Drag Race around the time when I started writing Fierce & Fabulous so there are many drag queen voices mixed into Ansel’s character. Can you guess which ones? 

While the Sassy Boyz aren’t drag queens, they do have many similarities. It takes a lot of bravery for men to slip on a pair of heels, some fake lashes, and get up on stage. To put themselves out there in a way that is typically looked down upon. 

I don’t know about you, but I admire that kind of bravery. Which is one of the reasons, Ansel is my hero. He started the Sassy Boyz, he protects them, and he loves them…even if he forgets sometimes. 

I hope everyone will fall in love with Ansel Becke, like I have.

Elizabeth Varlet is a nerd at heart and spends way too many hours binging on episodes of her favorite television shows. If you love Doctor Who, Supernatural, Stargate, Star Trek, Sherlock, or Firefly you are already her best friend.
She started writing stories in high school and hasn’t stopped. Now, her characters like to get frisky under the covers – or the stars, they’re not picky. She’s a thirty-something, newly married, world traveler who devours books like they were candy.
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