Monday, August 3, 2015

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Hi everybody I am a 30ish something years old shorty animal lover Latina book geek who just been sorting into Hufflepuff House I absolutely love to read and review books. My name is Katiria aka Kati I  live in NJ with my pup Mayci.  I am so obsesses with books that you litterly have to take the book or kindle out of my hands too get my attention. I just love reading different genres but my most favorite genre is Young Adult, Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. I made two book blogs one for mainly to support indie authors and the other traditional  authors I have read quite a lot of indie and traditional authors that I love authors like E.L Montes, Tanya Holmes, Jodie Meadows and Alyxandra Harvey. I started Kati's Bookaholic Rambling Reviews on August 3, 2015. I made these blogs for reviews and for bookish contents only. If You want me to review your book please go too the Book Requests  and my contact info is at 
I only read fiction books with all types of genres I review on Goodreads, Amazon, Library Thing and of course on my Blogs!

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Of course I have too show you a picture of my adorable pup Mayci isn't she cute!

I am a proud Hufflepuff!

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