Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year: I'm Going On A Holiday Break!

As you can see from the title I am going on a Holiday Break started today. I am going to go to my parents house today to spend Christmas and New Years with them. And unfortunately my parents don't have any internet at there house. So I will not be online at all until the beginning of January when I come back to my home. I hope everybody have a great, wonderful, blessed and safe Happy Holidays too you and your beautiful family. Can you believe that 2017 is nearing us already like where has this year gone, too me 2016 went by too fast. lol :D Enjoy your holiday everybody and God Bless To Every One!

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Monday, December 19, 2016

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Silverwitch (Olive Kennedy, Fairy World M.D. #4) by Tamara Grantham

Tamara Grantham
(M.D. Series, The Olive Kennedy)
Published by: Crimson Tree Publishing
Publication date: December 19th 2016
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Romance
It’s Faythander’s legend of King Arthur. And it’s not for the faint of heart.
Olive Kennedy, Fairy World MD, isn’t ready to go back to work. But when her dragon stepfather shows up on her doorstep with bad news of the world-ending variety, that’s exactly what she’ll have to do. He wants her to stop the elven queen from obtaining seven weapons of King Arthur fame, and he wants her to break into a dragon’s vault to do it.
One problem. Silvestra, the silverwitch of Dragon Spine Mountain, guards the weapons. And she’s not willing to give them up. With the help of Kull, her newly reunited, half-crazed Viking boyfriend, she’s hopeful they’ll stand up against the dragon. Plus, she’ll have the help from Kull’s warrior princess sister and a professional thief.
But Olive has never had great luck. What starts as a routine quest quickly turns into a life or death fight. And one of her companions won’t make it out alive…
“I fail to see how we’re lucky. We’re trapped in an unfamiliar world with no way of returning home. The staff is gone, and I have a suspicion that if we find it, we will not live long enough to return it to the sky king.”
Maveryck gave me a condescending smile. “Perhaps you will not live long enough,” he said as he stood, and without further explanation, he limped away from me and down a narrow hallway. I hesitated before following him. Navigating alone through a tomb like this would be suicide, so I reluctantly trailed him, barely keeping my temper in check.
“Where are you going?” I demanded.
“To find a way out of here.”
“What then?” I asked. “Where will we go? How will we find the staff? How will we return home? Have you the magic to create portals?”
He rounded on me, his jaw clenched. “First, and listen very clearly, I’m not in the habit of answering questions—not from you or anyone else. Second, I’m not your friend, nor am I trying to help you. For the time being, we share the same goal, so I will work with you in order to bring the staff back. After that, our partnership will be dissolved. I’ve never lost an object before, and it won’t happen now. If you impede me in any way, I will aid you no more.”
“Have you forgotten who my brother is? Should you return to Faythander without me, what do you think the king will do to you?”
“I don’t care.”
“You might care when you’re rotting in the Wult dungeons.”
“I doubt he would throw me in the dungeons for leaving you. In all honesty, I believe he would reward me.”
Now he’d pushed too far. I’d had an ill feeling about this man from the moment I’d met him, and I would tolerate his superior attitude no more. I shoved him against the wall, pressing the weight of my body against him, making the stacks of skeletal remains rattle behind us.
“Enough,” I hissed. “I will not tolerate being spoken to in such a manner.”
Instead of shying away as I expected, he clamped my wrists in his hands. He used no magic, but the calculated look he gave me sent shivers down my spine. “And I,” he said, “will also not tolerate being spoken to in such a manner.”
Fear made my heart beat wildly. Who is this man? It was at that moment I realized how very little I knew about him. Where did he come from? Where did he live? Who were his kin? His gaze locked with mine, and sparks of purple danced in the gray of his irises. I knew he possessed magic, but he’d led me to believe his powers were limited. Had he lied?

Author Bio:
Tamara Grantham is the award-winning author of more than half a dozen books and novellas, including the Olive Kennedy: Fairy World MD series and the Shine novellas. Dreamthief, the first book of her Fairy World MD series, won first place for fantasy in INDIEFAB’S Book of the Year Awards, a RONE award for best New Adult Romance of 2016, and is a #1 bestseller on Amazon in both the Mythology and Fairy Tales categories with over 100 reviews.
Tamara holds a Bachelor’s degree in English. She has been a featured speaker at the Rose State Writing Conference and has been a panelist at Comic Con Wizard World speaking on the topic of female leads. For her first published project, she collaborated with New York-Times bestselling author, William Bernhardt, in writing the Shine series.
Born and raised in Texas, Tamara now lives with her husband and five children in Wichita, Kansas. She rarely has any free time, but when the stars align and she gets a moment to relax, she enjoys reading fantasy novels, taking nature walks, which fuel her inspiration for creating fantastical worlds, and watching every Star Wars or Star Trek movie ever made. You can find her online at www.TamaraGranthamBooks.com.

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Friday, December 16, 2016

Review: The Wolf Road by Beth Lewis

Title: The Wolf Road

Series: Stand-Alone

Author: Beth Lewis

Genre: Adult, Mystery & Thriller

Publication Date: July 5th 2016 by Crown 

Format: Hard Cover

Source: I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for an honest review. 


True Grit meets The Road in this postapocalyptic psychological thriller--narrated by a young girl who has just learned that her adopted father may be a serial killer, and that she may be his next victim.

In the remote wilds of a ravaged land, Elka has been raised by a man who isn't her father. Since finding her wandering in the woods when she was seven, he has taught her how to hunt, shoot, set snares and start fires--everything she needs to survive. All she knows of the world outside is gleaned from whispers of a cataclysmic event that turned the clock back on civilization by a hundred and fifty years and reduced governments and technology to shambles, leaving men at the mercy of the elements--and each other.

Everything changes when Elka learns that the man she has been calling father is harboring a terrible secret. Armed with nothing but her knife and her wiles, she decides to escape his clutches and sets out on a long journey to the frozen north in the hope of finding her long-lost parents.

But as the trail of blood and bodies grows in her path, Elka realizes that daddy won't be letting his little girl go without a fight. If she's going to survive, she'll have to turn and confront not just him, but the truth about what he's turned her into.

    Whoa I will tell you all the truth I was kind of iffy with this book when I first started reading it, because I didn't know what I was getting into reading this great book. Now I really didn't like the main character Elka from the beginning but she grow on me when I started to read more about her. This book to me is about salvation, redemption and love in friendship. I just love reading about Elka and Penelope friendship is was pure raw love of friendship the both of them were fierce, strong, loyal and very protective with each other. The both of them stick out there necks for each other and it was an horrible incident on how they become close friends. Penny and Elka went through a lot of terrible things through this book and with that the both of them kept dark secrets from each other fearing that one of them would be left behind to fend for themselves or even worst be left alone forever. Reading the plot was my favorite part of the wolf road because it was full of suspense, dread and thriller. And I absolutely love reading the mind of Elka. I just love reading about her memories especially her lock up memories they she tryed so hard to suppress but little by little her lock up memories were unlocked when she become more human. I tell you I was not prepared to read all those locked memories she had with Trapper aka Kreagar Hallet who she really cared about like a dad. But when she finally remember all her memories including the lock memories she finally realized who Trapper really was, and she also realize what Trapper was trying to say to her when he was throwing all those murders he did in her face all the time when he was tracking Elka down. But I am going to leave it off here because I don't want to get too spoiler and I don't want to say way was the reason for Trapper throwing all those murders to Elka face because you have to read The Wolf Road to find out. All in all I really did love and enjoy The Wolf Road which actually caught me by surprise that I thoroughly loved and enjoy it so much!

*** I received The Wolf Road from Blogging For Books Program in exchanged for an honest review . Thank you so much Crown Publishing for giving me opportunity to read and review The Wolf Road!***  

Beth Lewis is a managing editor at Titan Books in London. She was raised in the wilds of Cornwall and split her childhood between books and the beach. She has traveled extensively throughout the world and has had close encounters with black bears, killer whales, and great white sharks. She has been a bank cashier, a fire performer, and a juggler.


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Featured & Follow Friday #51 & Book Blogger Hop #24


Post Prompt:

What protagonist is most like you?

My Answer:
Ohh this week post prompt question is really hard for me because I have no idea what protagonist is most like me, so I had to look through at my favorite read books too see if there were any character like me. And I found two that have similar traits like me and that would be Scarlet Benoit from The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer and Katy from The Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. This two girls are both feisty, fierce, strong, loyal, protective of there family and friends. And also they both don't take crap from anybody. I am the same way as well because hey I have Puerto Rican blood in me.

Book Blogger Hop Hosted by Billy B. at Ramblings Of A Coffee Addicted Writer

This Week Question:
What is your favorite holiday beverage to drink while you're reading? (submitted by Billy)

    My Answer:

    My all time favorite holiday beverage is hot cocoa. I just love drinking hot chocolate during the fall especially during the holidays while I am reading a book.

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